Hello everyone,

I don’t really want any negativity in this blog. In fact, I made it to express the positive side of Kpop and all of the idols in the industry, but I feel the need to address this problem that people have been dealing with lately, Antis. An anti is someone who is completely against a group, they dislike them and do not want them to succeed. They want the group to be disbanded and never participate in the industry again. In my opinion, this has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I do not understand how you can consider yourself a “kpop stan” if you wish for a group to fail. As someone who sees all groups as talented equals, I am really offended. These idols did not spend years of their lives away from family and friends, practicing all day and night trying shape themselves to be within the beauty standards, and some would even be studying while training because they were underage, just to be branded as “untalented flops,” “visual holes,” etc. These are hard working people who want to make a name for themselves, and you as “kpop stans” are not being fair to them. You try so hard to make sure that your group gets to the top but yet, you tear down someone else when they want all want the same goal . You keep shaming without giving them a chance, maybe instead of spending those 3 minutes trying to offend them, listen to their songs, maybe in the end you would actually like them. Of course, some groups just don’t suit your liking but there is no need to shame them. Every group in the industry works just as hard as your favorite group, no one got to their position without honest, hard work. Please stop shaming these groups, they deserve support as much as anyone else.

Thank you.




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