Dreaming in the Rain Playlist

Sometimes you just want to hear a sad song with deep meanings.

(I will link both lyric and music videos)

  1. Rain – Taeyeon

“I stopped the time when you were visible, I fall into memory and the picture of you which was beautiful”

  • Longing for a past love

Rain (Lyrics) / Rain (MV)

2. Melted – AKMU

Image result for akmu melted gif

“If the ice melts, a warmer song would have come out. But why is the ice so cold? Why is it so cold?

  • It’s a play on words, the song is about the selfishness of adults.

Melted (Lyrics) / Melted (MV)

3. Loser – Big Bang

“I curse the blue skies, sometimes I wanna lay it all down. I want to say goodbye. When I stop wandering at the end of this road, I hope I can close my eyes without regrets.”

  • Never being able to fit in with the crowd, always being in the shadows, never being in the spotlight.

Loser (Lyrics) / Loser (MV)

4. Goodbye – 2NE1

“Don’t go, don’t say you’re gonna leave me. Don’t leave me behind in the memories. Don’t look at my tears that can’t hold onto you, just don’t go. Don’t be deceived, don’t fall into temptation, nothing lasts forever.”

  • A journey that was not wanted to end but “nothing lasts forever.”

Goodbye (Lyrics) / Goodbye (MV)

5. Last Dance – Big Bang

“I will sing this song and I will return to you. If I can see your beautiful self again I will listen to this song with you and dance for the last time. Remember this moment forever if you must, just one last dance.”

  • This song is meant to represent the groups memories for the past 10 years together.

Last Dance (Lyrics) / Last Dance (MV)

6. Stigma – V (BTS)

Image result for stigma bts gif

“Now deeper and deeper, the wound gets deeper. It’s like a broken piece of glass that can’t be turned back. Every day, it’s only my heart that hurts deeper. You were so fragile and you received my punishment instead of me.”

  • A song about losing your innocence.

Stigma (Lyrics) / Stigma (Video)

7. Sing For You – EXO

Image result for EXO sing for you gif

“The way you cry, the way you smile, I wonder how big they mean to me. the words I wanted to say, the words I missed. I’ll confess, but just listen I’ll sing for you, sing for you.”

  • Having friends around you and suddenly losing the relationships you had.

Sing For You (Lyrics) / Sing For You (MV)

8. One of These Nights – Red Velvet

Image result for one of these nights red velvet gif

“I, who stopped that day with this old story. I’m spending more time away than when I loved you, beyond the Milky Way, in a distant, far away place. I, who cross our white memories, since at least, even in dreams, it’s okay. Let’s meet again.”

  • (Theory) A tribute song to the 2014 Sewol Ferry Disaster

One Of These Nights (Lyrics) / One of These Nights (MV)

9. Letting Go – Day6

“I’ve been holding onto you for so long, but now I must let go. There’s nothing I can do for you, it’s the only way to make you happy… So I let go.”

  • The feeling of lost and grief. The pain is so good that you don’t mind it.

Letting Go (Lyrics) / Letting Go (MV)

10. Stay – BLACKPINK

Image result for blackpink stay gif

“In your expressionless face that’s getting more and more dull. I whisper to the mirror, ‘let’s slowly let this go.’ You take me for granted but that’s you. Stay, stay, stay with me.”

  • The feeling of being abandoned and alone.

Stay (Lyrics) / Stay (MV)









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