“AYO GG!” Playlist

It’s all about the Girl Groups! 😉

  1. You Think – Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Image result for you think girls generation gif

I know I didn’t put the legendary “AYO GG!” song in this playlist but this song is good too! “Boy you ain’t cooler than me, no” is just as legendary! What else can I say about queens? I know they’re amazing, you know they’re amazing. There is really nothing much left to say except, stan Girls’ Generation.

You Think (MV)

2. Decalcomanie – Mamamoo

Image result for mamamoo decalcomanie gif

“Mamamoo is coming back for you.”

Well these girls came back and I can say in all honestly, they slayed. This comeback has to be one of the best comebacks of 2016, from their vocals to visuals these girls came back with nothing less than talent. Everyone knows who Mamamoo is, and if you don’t check them out! They are really talented girls

Decalcomanie (MV)

3. Sting – Stellar

Image result for stellar sting gif

  • Definitely one of the top 10 songs of 2016! The girls of Stellar came back with another sexy concept. “Sting” was absolute perfection! I’m sad it didn’t get the recognition it deserved  but you guys should check it out. Stellar is super underrated, these girls deserve more than what they have right now. Give it a go, I KNOW you will love them.

Sting (MV)

4. Someone Like U – Dalshabet

  • The Dalshabet girls came back fighting with another super catchy song! I have nothing else to say about these girls except they they are really talented. These girls really caught my attention with this song and I haven’t stopped listening to them since. They deserve more love as well, they are another underrated group. This song will really catch your attention.

Someone Like U (MV)

5. Excuse Me – BESTie

  • Excuse me, but why are you guys not listening to this song right now? “Excuse Me” has to be my favorite song from BESTie, it’s just so upbeat and fun! Although, the song is dissing a guy, they make it sound fun XD. It was released in 2015, but it’s still a bop!

Excuse Me (MV)

6. Hot Pink – EXID

Image result for HOT pink EXID gif

“I like the way you pink it”

Best line in the song right? I know EXID is in your playlist, if they aren’t you are really missing out. The dancing is super sexy, I just love it! I feel like I am the only one who loves the sexy concepts girl groups do lol. Anyways, the point is EXID never disappoints, they slay, they are talented, and you should listen to their songs. End. Seriously, they are REALLY good.

Hot Pink (MV)

7. Cheer Up – Twice

Image result for cheer up twice gif

  • I know you guys didn’t think I would leave these wonderful ladies out of this list. “Cheer Up” won a daesang for Song Of The Year, so you know what that means right? This song is amazing and you should listen to it! Everyone loves this song, you, your siblings, your parents, even your pets love it. If you hear it Once, you gotta hear it Twice. “Shy Shy Shy” is legendary.

Cheer Up (MV)

8. Good Luck – AOA

Image result for good luck aoa gif

“Girls girls on top! Deo jasin issge Boom boom beat drop!”

Ah AOA, these girls are just so amazing, I don’t know how to express it. When “Good Luck” was released I was definitely shook, the song was on repeat every day. This song will be difficult to forget, why would you want to forget it anyways? It saves lives.

Good Luck (AOA)

9. Shooting Love – LABOUM

“Oh ppangya, ppangya, ppangya, boy!”

“Shooting Love” is a really cute song, the dance is adorable to, I really enjoyed this comeback. In the beginning, I was a little unsure of my feelings towards this song, but then the chorus came up and I was sold! This is another underrated song, hopefully you guys will enjoy it because it is a really catchy song.

Shooting Love (MV)

10. Whistle – BLACKPINK

Image result for blackpink whistle gif

“Make ’em whistle like a missile bomb bomb, every time I show up, blow up uh”

These girls blew up when their music videos came out. You remember it because it had everyone shook, even people who don’t listen to kpop lost their wigs. BLACKPINK is really a group you should listen to. There is no way you dislike them and if you do, you are lying to yourself.

Whistle (MV)

11. Why Not – Bulldok

Image result for why not bulldok gif

“B-U-L-L-D-O-K girl”

Their debut got so much attention, a new girl crush group came and they hyped everyone up. The rap line caught everyone outside, they were so badass. The song was produced amazingly, every member made this song the masterpiece it is. Listen to it!

Why Not (MV)

12.  Chase Me – Dreamcatcher

I can say that I’ve seen it all in Kpop, but them Dreamcatcher came with a big ‘ol “surprise b*tch.” This debut has to be one of the most original debut I have seen. There are groups who debut with the cute, sexy, girl crush, etc., but I have never seen a horror concept. I am telling you this is not your average kpop song. Although it is different, the song is still really good. I love Dreamcatcher, and you will too!

Chase Me (MV)

13. Rookie – Red Velvet

“Rookie rookie, my super rookie rookie rookie rookie. Maj-ji maj-ji geu meukkimjeog-in neukkim neukkim.”

One of a kind, this group is one of a kind. Red Velvet made a comeback with song “Rookie,” a song that takes some used to (unless you love talent, then it’s amazing from the start) but if you listen to it for a second time, you’ll fall in love. It’s such a 3D song and video, you can really get addicted to it. When it comes to catchy songs, Red Velvet is a top! Their concept is not ordinary, it’s a little weird, but believe me when I say, that these girls will capture your heart.

14. I Wish – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

“I’m so fine, look so fine, yeppeo boyeo”

The aesthetics! Since their concept is galaxy, space, or girls from out of this world, the videos look so different, it is just so pretty to look at. The song is so catchy, I love sing that “oooowww” part in the song lol. Their dancing, vocals, everything is on point! WJSN is a really good rookie group, to listen to.

I Wish (MV)

15. Secret – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Image result for secret wjsn gif

“Bimiriy aaa!”

I couldn’t leave this song out, it is just too perfect. I usually don’t add more than one song per artist but listen to it, you’ll understand why I put both. This is the song that brought WJSN into the spotlight! They were really good before as well but the maturity is clearly noticed. They went from cute to mature in .1 seconds. If you ignore these girls, trust me you’ll regret it.

Secret (MV)

16. Mr. Potter – DIA


I don’t know why there a oujia board in the music video but they slayed it! Mr. Potter another really catchy song that is underrated. Mr. Potter will have you twerking the day away, I don’t know why is didn’t top charts. The dance is really cute too, I loved learning it. Listen to this song, it deserves more attention.

Mr. Potter (MV)

17. A-ing – Oh My Girl

“You know what time it is. It’s the summer time, feel the summer vibe!”

Okay, this is song of summer 2016! I could not stop listening to this song  since the day it was released. It could be cold, raining and I would still be bopping to it like it’s July. Mimi’s rapping sold me, truly inspiring. If you haven’t heard this song, there is a link for you to bless your ear drums.

A-ing (MV)









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