BTS “Spring Day” Comeback

I cannot express how excited I was for this comeback, the boys honestly never disappoint. Whatever we expect for their comeback they boys give us 10x more! They are genuinely hard working boys who really want to make us happy, I am a proud ARMY *tears.* I really hope you guys enjoyed this comeback, I sure did! The video was so beautiful, the boys looked so handsome. Every comeback they just get more good looking xD. Rap monster’s soothing voice to start off the song was genius! I want to thank whoever’s idea it was to do that, you deserve an award. V, Jimin, and Jungkook’s voices were so beautiful. Am I the only one who got chills when the chorus came on? JIN GOT LINES! We finally got our boy some lines, good job everyone and thank you Big Hit! Suga’s rapping of course was phenomenal, every time he raps I love how you can feel how much emotion he puts in his rapping. He is so talented. Now onto J-Hope, I am so sad that he didn’t get any lines in such an important song. Many say that he was a backup vocal but it still feels weird not hearing his beautiful rapping skills in a song. My boy deserves more recognition, he breathes talent but yet, he is still so underappreciated. All in all, this comeback was beautiful. I hope you guys loved it as much as I did.

P.S. To those who are finding out the theories and hidden messages in their videos, great job! You guys are really important to us and we appreciate the time you guys take to find them because some  of us (including me) are too clueless to see the hidden messages. We are too focused on the boys lol.

Spring Day (MV)

Here are some of my favorite scenes in the MV

  1. The mountain of clothes

2. Rap Monster’s cake

3. You never walk alone

4. Vmon laughing

5. Taehyung in the snow

6. J-Hope sitting on the train

7. Jimin walking by the ocean


(Credits to owners)


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