NCT Dream’s “My First and Last”

The NCT Dream boys are back with their first mini album “The First” and title track “My First and Last.” I have to admit, in the beginning, I had this like cringe feeling towards the boys during the Chewing Gum era because it was just “too cute.” I am all about cute concepts and all but it was just a little awkward for me because they are so young. I always supported them though, they want what every groups wants, to be successful and I support those who work hard for their dreams :). But now their back with a song that is more mature AND I LOVE IT! The video is a little cliché but it was still cute, I really enjoyed it. Their song is so catchy, as soon as it was on Spotify it was in my playlist. I haven’t had time to listen to the whole album *tear* but I will, and I’m sure it will be great. Have you guys seen the performance video? It’s really good right? I am going to try to learn it, it looks fun. They even translated the song to Chinese, they’re so nice lol. I hope you guys enjoyed this comeback because it is really good. Support these boys, check out their video!

MFAL (MV) / MFAL Performance (Korean)  / MFAL Performance (Chinese)

My Favorite Scenes

  1. That Fancy Footwork

2. The Box Cars

3. Naruto Cameo

4. I Don’t Know How They Did This But I Am Very Impressed

5. “Oh Maybe, Maybe”

6. Poor Chenle

7. How They Get In At Night?

8. They Really Fought Over A Cup?


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