BTS’ “Not Today”

(Again, I know I am really late but the fangirling shall continue.)

BTS, what else is there to say? You know it was good, I know it was good, everyone knows it was good. Not Today really hit the top, it is so hype! Jungkook’s “chong! jojun! balsa!” Am I right? These boys really do not know what the definition of flop is, no matter what the boys will release bops. Their concept for this music video really showed off the hyung line’s visuals, I know every single one of them is beautiful but you never hear people talk much about the hyung line but I would be so glad if I am wrong. I am highly upset that Jin got 1 second! 1 second of screen time! Not to bash on Big Hit or anything but how are you going to give the VISUAL of the group 1 second of screen time? It is not fair, they all deserve equal amount of screen time. When it comes to the song though, I could not have had it any other way. Taehyung and Jungkook’s deep voices during the breakdown was beautiful. This song is so good, I love that they write songs defending themselves ad saying that they won’t back down from all the negativity, they stay strong together and that’s one of the reasons why BTS should be cherished. Check out their music video and please support BTS.

Not Today (MV) / Not Today (Dance)

My Favorite Scenes

  1. J-Hope’s Breakdown

2. Chong! Jujun! Balsa!

3. The Triangle

4. “Too Hot Success Doublin'”

5. Not Today

6. Suga’s Lead

7. Jin’s Legendary Scene

8. Hands Up!


(Credits to Owners)


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