Gugudan’s “A Girl Like Me”

Wow! The Gugudan girl’s are back and they did not come back to play, they came back to slay! Say goodbye to the cute girls of Gugudan and say hello to the bad girls. They are back with “A Girl Like Me” showcasing their strong vocals and dance skills. Personally, this song really did them justice they show more of their talents and fierceness. I have been listening to song on replay and I probably won’t stop. You guys should check it out, it’s not the same as “Wonderland” it is more mature and twerkable. Everyone is sleeping on Gugudan which is not cool, this song is really good and deserves more recognition. I am telling you that this song is really good! The music video is so creative, but it catches your attention! Check it out guys, prepare for 3 minutes of slaying.

A Girl Like Me (MV)

My Favorite Scenes

  1. Queen Sally

2. Premium Quality

3. A Girl Like Me

4. Photo Collage

5. Mina’s Cash



(Credits to Owners)



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