Twice’s “Knock Knock”

I know I am really late but I need to release my fangirl emotions right now. So Twice made a comeback on Feb. 20th with “Knock Knock” and all I have to say is FLAWLESS! Every comeback these girls make are always bops. In all honesty, you can’t hate these girls (everyone knows antis are lowkey Once, come one guys it’s time to come out). Twice are amazing and talented girls they work so hard on their songs, not to mention they were on tour while they released their song and they are still going forth with promotions. Knock Knock is so good right? I can’t stop singing it! “knock, knock, knock, knock, knock on my door” (I’m sorry it is just so catchy). Can we talk about the music video? It was the cutest thing ever! Although I was kind of upset because I thought we were gonna get a bad girl concept for this comeback, I still loved it. Their visuals are slaying, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ARE BEAUTIFUL! I cannot express that enough. Twice came back and they slayed there is nothing much more to say really except, support them.

Btw they also released a dance practice video. Here’s the link in case you are interested in learning the dance, I know I am!

Knock Knock (MV)  / Knock Knock (Dance)

My Favorite Scenes

  1. The Intro

Image result for twice knock knock gif

2. The Biggest Plot Twist

3. Snowball Fight

4. The Dance

5. Jihyo’s Smile

6. Three in Ones


(Credits to Owners)


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