“Fun Boys” Playlist

Your favorite boys! ūüėČ

  1. Boys With Fun – BTS

“We’re here, the boys with fun!”

  • This has to be one of the boys best songs. Everything about it just wants to get you dancing and hyped up. It is a popular song that I really wished had its own music video. *sigh* At least they were able to perform it live though, the choreography is so fun! Check it out

Boys With Fun (Performance)

2. Just Right – GOT7

Image result for got7 A dance

“Idaero! (Jigeum idaero) Oh~ (Geunyang idaero) Oh~ (Jigeum idaero) Oh Oh Oh isseumyeon dwae”

  • This song and choreography is so cute! Everyone has seen or heard this song at least once throughout their K-pop experience. In¬† fact, this is the song that got me into K-pop! This was a golden song, you cannot disagree on that. Check out their MV, you’ll fall in love with them, I guarantee it.

Just Right (MV) / Just Right (Dance)

3. Call Me Baby – EXO

Image result for exo call me baby gif

“Call me baby, Call me baby
Call me baby, Call me baby”

  • First of all, the boys looked so good in this MV! Call Me Baby was a great era, the visuals, the vocals,¬†the¬†choreography, everything was on point. This is personally one of my favorite songs from EXO, the choreography is what got me hooked on this song especially.¬†¬†Check out their MV!

Call Me Baby (MV) / Call Me Baby (Performance)

4. Fire Truck – NCT 127

Image result for nct fire truck gif

“Dance my party people!”

  • This song is so hype! NCT 127 went all out with this debut, they really wanted to hype up the crowd! If you’re looking for a song that will get you up and active, Fire Truck is the song for you. Check it out.

Fire Truck (MV) / Fire Truck (Dance Practice)

5. Feel So Good – B.A.P

Image result for b.a.p feel so good gif

“Neomaneul wonhae neoreul bol ttaen, I Feel So Good”

  • This song just makes you Feel So Good! B.A.P’s songs just make you want to get up and start dancing! This is the song you can listen to anytime of day and you’ll still be in the mood to dance and sing along! This is a really fun song to listen to and learn. Check out their MV.

Feel So Good (MV) / Feel So Good (Dance Practice)

6. Hide and Seek – Astro

“Kkokkkok sumeora meorikarak boilla”

  • This is definitely one of my favorite songs of Astro, it is so cute and fun you can’t help but love it. The choreo was a plus for this song, you guys should try it out I bet you’ll love it!

Hide and Seek (MV) / Hide and Seek (Performance)

7. Hero – Monsta X

“I can be your hero!”

  • This song just hit the top when it was released! Everything in this comeback was good. The rap line really hyped this song up. They put so much emphasis into their rapping, it is so good! Check it out!

Hero (MV) / Hero (Dance Practice)

8. Dumb and Dumber – iKON

“Get dumb and dumber!”

  • Definitely a song worth your while! All of their songs are fun but this is a song for the parties!¬†Check them out!

Dumb And Dumber (MV) / Dumb and Dumber (Performance)

9. Her – Block B

“Her! eoeo! Her! eoeo!”

  • Her is such a good song! It is not a hyping up type of song but it is fun. The dance is cute too, look at it lol. Block B’s music is really good, they know how to perform.

Her (MV) / Her (Performance)

10. Bang Bang Bang – Big Bang


  • There is no way I would leave out the kings of K-pop from this playlist! There is nothing much to say, everyone knows who they are. Check them out!

Bang Bang Bang (MV) / Bang Bang Bang (Dance Practice)

11. Queen – History

“Don’t touch it, we love it, she’s dancing on the floor”

  • History is so underrated for a group that released this amazing bop. This group is really good!¬†This is my favorite¬†song from them.¬†Show them some love!

Queen (MV) / Queen (Peformance)

12. RingDingDong – SHINee

Image result for ring ding dong shinee gif

“Ring ding dong, Ring ding dong, Ring diggi ding diggi, Ding ding ding”

  • One of the greatest SHINee songs that has been produced. These boys are known for making the catchiest and most memorable songs in the industry.

RingDingDong (MV) / RingDingDong (Performance)

13. Plz Don’t Be Sad – Highlight

Image result for highlight plz dont be sad gif

“eolgul jjipuriji marayo baby neon usneun ge deo yeppeo”

  • The boys of Highlight, formerly known as B2ST, have come back with “Plz Don’t Sad,” a song about them trying to make you smile all the time because they want you to always look beautiful. (They look so cute I can’t help but fangirl throughout the entire video)

Plz Don’t Be Sad (MV)¬†/ Plz Don’t Be Sad (Dance Practicce)

14. Astro – Breathless

Image result for astro breathless gif

“sumgappa nega ppaeseoganeun gabwa machi kkumgata jeonsineul mot charil mankeum”

  • Cute! Cute! Cute! The song, the music video, their outfits, it is all cute! However, the dance seems to more breathtaking than it all. It left me breathless!

Breathless (MV) / Breathless (Dance Practice)

15. I’m Serious – Day6

“I can’t stop loving you!”

  • This is the song you go on a drive to the beach with your friends with the windows down and just letting go of all your problems. The video is anything but serious. Personally, I love music videos that shows them having fun and messing around, which is why this music video is one of my favorites.

I’m Serious (MV)

16. Really Really – Winner

” Neol johahae!”

  • This Winner comeback was truly a blessing! The song and dance are the best, my favorite has to be the chorus. You can tell the boys really enjoyed this comeback as well. Once you listen to it, you won’t be able to stop singing it.

Really Really (MV) / Really Really (Dance Practice)

17. 1 of 1 РSHINee

Image result for shinee 1 of 1 gif

“neon 1 of 1 girl!”

  • Is there really much to say besides, SHINee’s BACK! And they’re back with another bop.

1 of 1 (MV) / 1 of 1 (Performance)

18. Hey Mama! – EXO CBX

Image result for exo cbx hey mama gif

“whatchu think about that? Whatchu think about that, that?”

  • Xiumin and Baekhyun’s rapping!! This sub unit did not disappoint, this song and dance is so great! By the way did you guys notice the wolf dance cameo? ūüėČ

Hey Mama (MV) / Hey Mama (Performance)

19. Not Today – BTS

Image result for not today bts gif

“Chong! Jojun! Balsa!”

  • “NO! NOT TODAY!” This song is just so empowering! The boys are not going down without a fight, that’s all I have to say.

Not Today (MV)  / Not Today (Choreography)



Note: I know I am missing A LOT of songs but these songs are really great! You have may heard some or maybe even all of them but I know you are not tired of them lol.

(Credits to owners)




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