NCT Dream’s “My First and Last”

The NCT Dream boys are back with their first mini album “The First” and title track “My First and Last.” I have to admit, in the beginning, I had this like cringe feeling towards the boys during the Chewing Gum era because it was just “too cute.” I am all about cute concepts and all but it was just a little awkward for me because they are so young. I always supported them though, they want what every groups wants, to be successful and I support those who work hard for their dreams :). But now their back with a song that is more mature AND I LOVE IT! The video is a little cliché but it was still cute, I really enjoyed it. Their song is so catchy, as soon as it was on Spotify it was in my playlist. I haven’t had time to listen to the whole album *tear* but I will, and I’m sure it will be great. Have you guys seen the performance video? It’s really good right? I am going to try to learn it, it looks fun. They even translated the song to Chinese, they’re so nice lol. I hope you guys enjoyed this comeback because it is really good. Support these boys, check out their video!

MFAL (MV) / MFAL Performance (Korean)  / MFAL Performance (Chinese)

My Favorite Scenes

  1. That Fancy Footwork

2. The Box Cars

3. Naruto Cameo

4. I Don’t Know How They Did This But I Am Very Impressed

5. “Oh Maybe, Maybe”

6. Poor Chenle

7. How They Get In At Night?

8. They Really Fought Over A Cup?


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BTS “Spring Day” Comeback

I cannot express how excited I was for this comeback, the boys honestly never disappoint. Whatever we expect for their comeback they boys give us 10x more! They are genuinely hard working boys who really want to make us happy, I am a proud ARMY *tears.* I really hope you guys enjoyed this comeback, I sure did! The video was so beautiful, the boys looked so handsome. Every comeback they just get more good looking xD. Rap monster’s soothing voice to start off the song was genius! I want to thank whoever’s idea it was to do that, you deserve an award. V, Jimin, and Jungkook’s voices were so beautiful. Am I the only one who got chills when the chorus came on? JIN GOT LINES! We finally got our boy some lines, good job everyone and thank you Big Hit! Suga’s rapping of course was phenomenal, every time he raps I love how you can feel how much emotion he puts in his rapping. He is so talented. Now onto J-Hope, I am so sad that he didn’t get any lines in such an important song. Many say that he was a backup vocal but it still feels weird not hearing his beautiful rapping skills in a song. My boy deserves more recognition, he breathes talent but yet, he is still so underappreciated. All in all, this comeback was beautiful. I hope you guys loved it as much as I did.

P.S. To those who are finding out the theories and hidden messages in their videos, great job! You guys are really important to us and we appreciate the time you guys take to find them because some  of us (including me) are too clueless to see the hidden messages. We are too focused on the boys lol.

Spring Day (MV)

Here are some of my favorite scenes in the MV

  1. The mountain of clothes

2. Rap Monster’s cake

3. You never walk alone

4. Vmon laughing

5. Taehyung in the snow

6. J-Hope sitting on the train

7. Jimin walking by the ocean


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“AYO GG!” Playlist

It’s all about the Girl Groups! 😉

  1. You Think – Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Image result for you think girls generation gif

I know I didn’t put the legendary “AYO GG!” song in this playlist but this song is good too! “Boy you ain’t cooler than me, no” is just as legendary! What else can I say about queens? I know they’re amazing, you know they’re amazing. There is really nothing much left to say except, stan Girls’ Generation.

You Think (MV)

2. Decalcomanie – Mamamoo

Image result for mamamoo decalcomanie gif

“Mamamoo is coming back for you.”

Well these girls came back and I can say in all honestly, they slayed. This comeback has to be one of the best comebacks of 2016, from their vocals to visuals these girls came back with nothing less than talent. Everyone knows who Mamamoo is, and if you don’t check them out! They are really talented girls

Decalcomanie (MV)

3. Sting – Stellar

Image result for stellar sting gif

  • Definitely one of the top 10 songs of 2016! The girls of Stellar came back with another sexy concept. “Sting” was absolute perfection! I’m sad it didn’t get the recognition it deserved  but you guys should check it out. Stellar is super underrated, these girls deserve more than what they have right now. Give it a go, I KNOW you will love them.

Sting (MV)

4. Someone Like U – Dalshabet

  • The Dalshabet girls came back fighting with another super catchy song! I have nothing else to say about these girls except they they are really talented. These girls really caught my attention with this song and I haven’t stopped listening to them since. They deserve more love as well, they are another underrated group. This song will really catch your attention.

Someone Like U (MV)

5. Excuse Me – BESTie

  • Excuse me, but why are you guys not listening to this song right now? “Excuse Me” has to be my favorite song from BESTie, it’s just so upbeat and fun! Although, the song is dissing a guy, they make it sound fun XD. It was released in 2015, but it’s still a bop!

Excuse Me (MV)

6. Hot Pink – EXID

Image result for HOT pink EXID gif

“I like the way you pink it”

Best line in the song right? I know EXID is in your playlist, if they aren’t you are really missing out. The dancing is super sexy, I just love it! I feel like I am the only one who loves the sexy concepts girl groups do lol. Anyways, the point is EXID never disappoints, they slay, they are talented, and you should listen to their songs. End. Seriously, they are REALLY good.

Hot Pink (MV)

7. Cheer Up – Twice

Image result for cheer up twice gif

  • I know you guys didn’t think I would leave these wonderful ladies out of this list. “Cheer Up” won a daesang for Song Of The Year, so you know what that means right? This song is amazing and you should listen to it! Everyone loves this song, you, your siblings, your parents, even your pets love it. If you hear it Once, you gotta hear it Twice. “Shy Shy Shy” is legendary.

Cheer Up (MV)

8. Good Luck – AOA

Image result for good luck aoa gif

“Girls girls on top! Deo jasin issge Boom boom beat drop!”

Ah AOA, these girls are just so amazing, I don’t know how to express it. When “Good Luck” was released I was definitely shook, the song was on repeat every day. This song will be difficult to forget, why would you want to forget it anyways? It saves lives.

Good Luck (AOA)

9. Shooting Love – LABOUM

“Oh ppangya, ppangya, ppangya, boy!”

“Shooting Love” is a really cute song, the dance is adorable to, I really enjoyed this comeback. In the beginning, I was a little unsure of my feelings towards this song, but then the chorus came up and I was sold! This is another underrated song, hopefully you guys will enjoy it because it is a really catchy song.

Shooting Love (MV)

10. Whistle – BLACKPINK

Image result for blackpink whistle gif

“Make ’em whistle like a missile bomb bomb, every time I show up, blow up uh”

These girls blew up when their music videos came out. You remember it because it had everyone shook, even people who don’t listen to kpop lost their wigs. BLACKPINK is really a group you should listen to. There is no way you dislike them and if you do, you are lying to yourself.

Whistle (MV)

11. Why Not – Bulldok

Image result for why not bulldok gif

“B-U-L-L-D-O-K girl”

Their debut got so much attention, a new girl crush group came and they hyped everyone up. The rap line caught everyone outside, they were so badass. The song was produced amazingly, every member made this song the masterpiece it is. Listen to it!

Why Not (MV)

12.  Chase Me – Dreamcatcher

I can say that I’ve seen it all in Kpop, but them Dreamcatcher came with a big ‘ol “surprise b*tch.” This debut has to be one of the most original debut I have seen. There are groups who debut with the cute, sexy, girl crush, etc., but I have never seen a horror concept. I am telling you this is not your average kpop song. Although it is different, the song is still really good. I love Dreamcatcher, and you will too!

Chase Me (MV)

13. Rookie – Red Velvet

“Rookie rookie, my super rookie rookie rookie rookie. Maj-ji maj-ji geu meukkimjeog-in neukkim neukkim.”

One of a kind, this group is one of a kind. Red Velvet made a comeback with song “Rookie,” a song that takes some used to (unless you love talent, then it’s amazing from the start) but if you listen to it for a second time, you’ll fall in love. It’s such a 3D song and video, you can really get addicted to it. When it comes to catchy songs, Red Velvet is a top! Their concept is not ordinary, it’s a little weird, but believe me when I say, that these girls will capture your heart.

14. I Wish – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

“I’m so fine, look so fine, yeppeo boyeo”

The aesthetics! Since their concept is galaxy, space, or girls from out of this world, the videos look so different, it is just so pretty to look at. The song is so catchy, I love sing that “oooowww” part in the song lol. Their dancing, vocals, everything is on point! WJSN is a really good rookie group, to listen to.

I Wish (MV)

15. Secret – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Image result for secret wjsn gif

“Bimiriy aaa!”

I couldn’t leave this song out, it is just too perfect. I usually don’t add more than one song per artist but listen to it, you’ll understand why I put both. This is the song that brought WJSN into the spotlight! They were really good before as well but the maturity is clearly noticed. They went from cute to mature in .1 seconds. If you ignore these girls, trust me you’ll regret it.

Secret (MV)

16. Mr. Potter – DIA


I don’t know why there a oujia board in the music video but they slayed it! Mr. Potter another really catchy song that is underrated. Mr. Potter will have you twerking the day away, I don’t know why is didn’t top charts. The dance is really cute too, I loved learning it. Listen to this song, it deserves more attention.

Mr. Potter (MV)

17. A-ing – Oh My Girl

“You know what time it is. It’s the summer time, feel the summer vibe!”

Okay, this is song of summer 2016! I could not stop listening to this song  since the day it was released. It could be cold, raining and I would still be bopping to it like it’s July. Mimi’s rapping sold me, truly inspiring. If you haven’t heard this song, there is a link for you to bless your ear drums.

A-ing (MV)









Hello everyone,

I don’t really want any negativity in this blog. In fact, I made it to express the positive side of Kpop and all of the idols in the industry, but I feel the need to address this problem that people have been dealing with lately, Antis. An anti is someone who is completely against a group, they dislike them and do not want them to succeed. They want the group to be disbanded and never participate in the industry again. In my opinion, this has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I do not understand how you can consider yourself a “kpop stan” if you wish for a group to fail. As someone who sees all groups as talented equals, I am really offended. These idols did not spend years of their lives away from family and friends, practicing all day and night trying shape themselves to be within the beauty standards, and some would even be studying while training because they were underage, just to be branded as “untalented flops,” “visual holes,” etc. These are hard working people who want to make a name for themselves, and you as “kpop stans” are not being fair to them. You try so hard to make sure that your group gets to the top but yet, you tear down someone else when they want all want the same goal . You keep shaming without giving them a chance, maybe instead of spending those 3 minutes trying to offend them, listen to their songs, maybe in the end you would actually like them. Of course, some groups just don’t suit your liking but there is no need to shame them. Every group in the industry works just as hard as your favorite group, no one got to their position without honest, hard work. Please stop shaming these groups, they deserve support as much as anyone else.

Thank you.



Dreaming in the Rain Playlist

Sometimes you just want to hear a sad song with deep meanings.

(I will link both lyric and music videos)

  1. Rain – Taeyeon

“I stopped the time when you were visible, I fall into memory and the picture of you which was beautiful”

  • Longing for a past love

Rain (Lyrics) / Rain (MV)

2. Melted – AKMU

Image result for akmu melted gif

“If the ice melts, a warmer song would have come out. But why is the ice so cold? Why is it so cold?

  • It’s a play on words, the song is about the selfishness of adults.

Melted (Lyrics) / Melted (MV)

3. Loser – Big Bang

“I curse the blue skies, sometimes I wanna lay it all down. I want to say goodbye. When I stop wandering at the end of this road, I hope I can close my eyes without regrets.”

  • Never being able to fit in with the crowd, always being in the shadows, never being in the spotlight.

Loser (Lyrics) / Loser (MV)

4. Goodbye – 2NE1

“Don’t go, don’t say you’re gonna leave me. Don’t leave me behind in the memories. Don’t look at my tears that can’t hold onto you, just don’t go. Don’t be deceived, don’t fall into temptation, nothing lasts forever.”

  • A journey that was not wanted to end but “nothing lasts forever.”

Goodbye (Lyrics) / Goodbye (MV)

5. Last Dance – Big Bang

“I will sing this song and I will return to you. If I can see your beautiful self again I will listen to this song with you and dance for the last time. Remember this moment forever if you must, just one last dance.”

  • This song is meant to represent the groups memories for the past 10 years together.

Last Dance (Lyrics) / Last Dance (MV)

6. Stigma – V (BTS)

Image result for stigma bts gif

“Now deeper and deeper, the wound gets deeper. It’s like a broken piece of glass that can’t be turned back. Every day, it’s only my heart that hurts deeper. You were so fragile and you received my punishment instead of me.”

  • A song about losing your innocence.

Stigma (Lyrics) / Stigma (Video)

7. Sing For You – EXO

Image result for EXO sing for you gif

“The way you cry, the way you smile, I wonder how big they mean to me. the words I wanted to say, the words I missed. I’ll confess, but just listen I’ll sing for you, sing for you.”

  • Having friends around you and suddenly losing the relationships you had.

Sing For You (Lyrics) / Sing For You (MV)

8. One of These Nights – Red Velvet

Image result for one of these nights red velvet gif

“I, who stopped that day with this old story. I’m spending more time away than when I loved you, beyond the Milky Way, in a distant, far away place. I, who cross our white memories, since at least, even in dreams, it’s okay. Let’s meet again.”

  • (Theory) A tribute song to the 2014 Sewol Ferry Disaster

One Of These Nights (Lyrics) / One of These Nights (MV)

9. Letting Go – Day6

“I’ve been holding onto you for so long, but now I must let go. There’s nothing I can do for you, it’s the only way to make you happy… So I let go.”

  • The feeling of lost and grief. The pain is so good that you don’t mind it.

Letting Go (Lyrics) / Letting Go (MV)

10. Stay – BLACKPINK

Image result for blackpink stay gif

“In your expressionless face that’s getting more and more dull. I whisper to the mirror, ‘let’s slowly let this go.’ You take me for granted but that’s you. Stay, stay, stay with me.”

  • The feeling of being abandoned and alone.

Stay (Lyrics) / Stay (MV)








I Just Wanna Dance Playlist

Songs that will make you want to get up and start dancing! These songs are upbeat and have fun/difficult dance moves. If you have nothing to do and want to try something new, try learning these dance moves! It’ll be fun and get you ready to participate in dance competitions for KCON! 😉  For this list, I will put both the dance practice/live performance and the music video for those who are interested in learning the dances. Enjoy!

  1. I Just Wanna Dance – Tiffany

Image result for tiffany i just wanna dance gif

It’s not a difficult dance at all but it does involve a lot of foot work and floor dancing. Having to constantly shift from the ground and to your feet could get a little tiring but it’s a great song to get yourself warmed up.

IJWD (Dance) / IJWD (MV)

2. Free Somebody – Luna

Image result for luna free somebody gif

Again, not a very difficult dance to learn but this song has a lot of abdominal movements, the hip motions can really get to you. It involves constant jumping and moving that can tire you out but it’s definitely a fun dance to learn and it could be a great workout!

Free Somebody (Dance) / Free Somebody (MV) 

3. Very Nice – Seventeen

Image result for very nice seventeen gif

You might want to move all of your furniture out of the way because this one will definitely get you moving! “Very Nice” is definitely a more advanced dance, it involves a lot of footwork and constant twists and jumps. The dance is continuous from beginning to end, but if you really try it won’t be such a difficult dance to do.

Very Nice (Dance) / Very Nice (MV)

4. The 7th Sense – NCT U

Image result for nct u the 7th sense gif

This dance will definitely get you sweating! To learn it you need to make sure your body is loose and strong, it is a lot of body rolling, fast paced dancing, and spins/jumps. This has to be one of the most difficult choreographies I have tried to learn. It’s very tiring but it’s worth all the effort in the end. It is also way more fun learning this dance as a group!

The 7th Sense (Dance) / The 7th Sense (MV)

5. Like Ooh-Ahh – TwiceImage result for Twice like ooh ahh gif

Not a hard dance but it is pretty fast paced. It has more stiff movements so a little body control is needed to perform this. It is a cute but very energetic dance. Also, the break down is amazing, by far the best part of the dance!

Like Ooh Ahh (Dance) / Like Ooh Ahh (MV)

6. Fire – BTS

Image result for bts fire gif

Get your sweat buckets ready, you’re gonna need them! There is a reason why this song  is titled “Fire” and that’s because your body is gonna be burning when you perform this dance. It is non stop, literally. As soon as you hear the beat stop, you better prepare yourself because you’re in for the most intense dancing of your life.

Fire (Dance) / Fire (MV)

7. Hobgoblin – CLC

Image result for CLC Hobgoblin MV gif

This song puts you in the zone! This dance is sharp and badass! You have to be able to loosen up your body but also making sure you are able to keep up. These girls are not kidding around with this choreography. Seriously, this performance is pretty hard but is so much fun to learn.

Hobglobin (Dance) / Hobglobin (MV)

8. Crazy – 4Minute

Image result for Crazy 4minute gif

How can I not put these queens in here? If you want to feel badass and sexy and the same time, this choreography is definitely for you. This dance has a lot of abdominal movements as well but that’s what gets you going! One of the most fun choreographies I have learned. Trust me, this dance will make you go C-R-A-Z-Y!

Crazy (Dance) / Crazy (MV)

9. Dumb Dumb – Red Velvet

All I got to say is, “it’s all about the pelvic thrusts!” This dance is all about hip movements, it has a lot of body motions as well. You will love learning this dance, it’s so much fun!

Dumb Dumb (Dance)/ Dumb Dumb (MV)

10.  Catch Me If You Can – Girls’ generation (SNSD)

Image result for catch me if you can snsd gif

Catch Me If You Can? More like, Catch Up If You Can. The choreography has so much going on you don’t know where to begin or where to end. SNSD have outdone themselves with this intense performance. If your looking for a body workout, this dance is definitely one.

CMIYC (Dance/MV)

11. Hard Carry – Got7

Image result for Hard Carry got7 gif

This one has a lot going on as well, with all of the different positions, footwork, and the break down. This is another dance that is a gun and great work out, I really recommend learning the choreography.

Hard Carry (Dance) / Hard Carry (MV)

12. Monster – EXO

Image result for Exo monster dance gif

This dance is just great! Involves a lot of foot work and upper body movements. It is really fun to perform, especially as a group because you are able to create the formations and make the dance complete. This is also a highly recommended dance to learn.

Monster (Dance) / Monster (MV)










Ultimate Playlist

My all-time favorite songs (in no particular order).  This is just a playlist for you guys to get know me better and know what songs I have the most interest in. The other playlists will contain songs that fit within each concept of the playlist, they will also have descriptions of each song for those who are new to K-pop or just curious. Thanks! -SD

  1. Unfair – EXO
  2. Boyz With Fun (Fun Boys) – BTS
  3. Feel So Good – B.A.P
  4. 4 Walls – F(x)
  5. Dumb Dumb – Red Velvet
  6. How’s This? – Hyuna
  7. Why – Taeyeon
  8. Petal – Apink
  9. Let’s Not Fall In Love – Big Bang
  10. View – SHINee
  11. You Think – Girls’ Generation (SNSD)
  12. 1 to 10 – Twice
  13. Whistle – BLACKPINK
  14. You Know – Jay Park
  15. Half Moon – DEAN x GAEKO
  16. Underwater – Heize
  17. Oasis – Crush
  18. Drama – 9Muses
  19. Crazy – 4Minute
  20. Be My Baby – Wonder Girls